Data protection: A necessary evil or competitive advantage?

Data protection is information security, compliance and a matter of trust

We support you in processing personal data of your employees, customers, suppliers, prospects on the website, etc. in a legally compliant and secure manner.

Your business vision takes into account personal data, data theft and data misuse. You want to make sure that your data protection concept complies with legal requirements?

You want to protect your customers‘ data with „best practice“, the internationally recognized data protection standard?

Do you advocate protecting all business data from misuse, loss and disclosure and want to avoid compliance, liability, business and reputational risks?

You want to prevent cyberattacks? and a data policy of trust for progress and innovation in the use of new technologies?

Privacy Policy
+ other specific topics
Data Protection Sparring
Initial consultation. You determine the topic.
Risk Analysis
Privacy Impact Assessment
Risk analysis and
vulnerability remediation
Identify & remediate data protection risks.
Data safety - Data Backup
technical + organizational measures
Determine your status quo.
Appropriate technical + organizational measures
Legal certainty
Your roadmap: implementing your governance duties

The risk of a data breach can be minimized

Our holistic data protection management concept focuses on your initial situation from the very beginning.
It protects all your data by incorporating the strategic, technical, organizational and legal levels.
Use the following examples to find out more about key topics. Click on each title in turn.

Privacy Sparring​

Where do you stand in the implementation of legal requirements of SWISS DPA and GDPR? We will find out together in the initial meeting. The topics: technical and organizational measures in data protection, the rights of affected people, the data protection declaration.

We will show you the requirements and innovations that the totally revised DPA brings with it due to the anchoring of the European GDPR with the entry into force of the law. You need to know this, not only as an SME with exports to the EU!

Do you consider the limited permission of data transfers (in the cloud) to third countries - USA, GB if applicable? Together with you, we develop the implementation plan with priorities that individually addresses the situation of your SME.

Risk Analysis - Privacy Impact Assessment

Start is the risk analysis that identifies weaknesses in data privacy and information security. It takes into account the probability of occurrence and frequency of (cyber) risks.

The top management decides on the data privacy objectives. They are the basis of the data protection strategy, the data protection manual to prove the measures and an orientation guideline for the employees.

Implemented measures are subject to regular review of timeliness, compliance and control measures. A continuous cycle is created that leads to a functional and appropriate information security management system.

Data protection and data safety

Data subject rights, the list of processing activities, documentation of all business processes, data protection impact assessment, technical and organizational measures, commissioned processing. Data protection breaches.

Data breach - data is unintentionally leaked onto the internet. The emergency concept supports you in the crisis with clear recommendations for action. How to inform data subjects and the supervisory authority, the EDÖB?

Review of data transfer to third countries, e.g. USA, UK and the Brexit, the cloud? Online or face-to-face training of employees in the company. Create a policy for the employees or/and a data protection manual.

SWISS DPA / GDPR Compliance​

The verification of DPA/GDPR compliance is best achieved in a data protection audit or in an annex to the internal audit. In detail, all elements are checked for compliance and completeness of the DPA/GDPR requirements.

Focuses on the process organization at the strategic and operational level of the data subjects' rights: access, information, correction and deletion, objection, correction, data protection by design & by default, and data protection breach.

Notes on the optimization of data processing procedures including the identification of existing vulnerabilities in IT security in all business processes. On top, the documented implementation of technical and organizational measures taken.

Remote Mentoring

Remote Mentoring

In einem (Online) Gespräch können Sie Ihre Fragen zu Datenschutz und Cybersecurity besprechen. Wir zeigen Lösungswege auf. Buchen Sie Ihren (online) Termin hier.

That's how we support you:

Are you unsure whether your data protection concept meets the legal requirements?

We check your data protection concept. Research, production, organizational and internal business data also need protection in every processing, copying and disposal action. We protect the personal data of your customers, suppliers and employees against data misuse, malware, theft or unintentional disclosure.

We inform you on current occasion - in the webinar


  • Important data protection aspects and innovations in Switzerland
  • Relevant opinions of the Federal and State Data Protection Conference in Germany
  • Decisions of the European Data Committee from cross-border disputes in the application of the GDPR

We also offer internal and external workshops

calendar table preview of the Roadshows
01Datenschutz versus Cybersecurity?16.02.2022 / 11:00-12:00 Uhr Register
02Data Governance - So schützen KMU ihre Daten in Zukunft - SNV, Winterthur02.03.2022 / 8:30-16:30 UhrRegister
03Ohne Informationssicherheit kein Datenschutz - Krisenmanagement - SNV, Winterthur11.5.2022 / 8:30-16:30 UhrRegister
04Datenschutzverletzungen: Aktuelle Fallbeispiele - Handlungsstrategien14.9.2022 / 11:00-12:00 UhrRegister
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The risk-based approach of the EU GDPR is already recognized as „best practice“ in many international companies.

It provides the reason to digitalize processes, to reorganize structures and to make your business future-proof in a digital world.

Data security is also a quality feature that contributes to customer loyalty because it protects personal rights.

We invite you to take the plunge and put the confidentiality, integrity, transparency and availability of your data on a secure footing.

We also offer internal and external workshops on demand according to your needs.

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